The Most Exciting Cannabis Strains to Grow

Growing cannabis is a rewarding pastime, and getting your first successful harvest under your belt feels like a massive achievement. The next step is to try and master various training techniques to get the highest yield possible from your crops. But where do you go from there? What if you feel you have plateaued and growing is becoming less of a pleasure and more of a chore?

These attention-grabbing strains are sure to turn things around and make you fall back in love with your hobby. The best news is that many of them are relatively easy to cultivate. Read on to learn more about what are, in our opinion, the most exciting cannabis strains to grow.

Rainbow Kush: A Splash of Color for Your Cannabis Garden

Hindu Kush x Master Kush

85% Indica

15% Sativa

18% THC

1% CBD

Colorful cannabis strains are always a hit, and Rainbow Kush is one of the most magnificent. Its green leaves display secondary hues ranging from reds, oranges, and yellows to subtle blues and purples, the full range of shades cannabis plants can offer. It has a refreshing, piney flavor, and users describe a chilled-out but functional high.


It is considered easy to moderately difficult to grow, its main requirement being plenty of high-quality nutrients, such as guano and rock phosphate. It can be grown indoors or outdoors and thrives in a warm and sunny climate with moderate humidity.

However, to really bring out this strain’s colorful character, growers will need to reduce the temperature by a few degrees at night during the flowering phase. Experienced Rainbow Kush cultivators recommend a daytime temperature of 70–80 degrees Fahrenheit, reducing this to 60 degrees Fahrenheit overnight.

Lowering the temperature helps to enhance this strain’s color spectrum by reducing the amount of chlorophyll in its leaves. Chlorophyll is the pigment that makes plants green and plays a vital role in photosynthesis. Reducing the temperature tells the plant it is nearing the end of its life cycle and to start producing less chlorophyll.

This allows other pigments, known as anthocyanins, to become dominant. There are over 400 anthocyanins in nature, responsible for the bright colors of many flowers and fruits. Rainbow Kush contains a rich assortment of anthocyanins, which give it its unique appearance.

But while lowering the nighttime temperature is crucial to let this strain reach its full potential, it should be done cautiously to avoid sending the plants into shock. Lower the temperature gradually by a couple of degrees every few days rather than all at once. Of course, this will happen automatically when growing these plants outdoors.

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