Do You Think Combining Marijuana & Extreme Sports Is Insane? These 5 Strains May Change Your Mind (Though I Hope Not)

Before I begin, please note that I do NOT advocate the combination of extreme sports and marijuana. Indeed, it is generally a bad idea to take on any “extreme” activity while intoxicated, whether on marijuana, alcohol, or another drug.

However, I also recognize that humans have the power of free will and sometimes (or often) use it to perform some of the dumbest things imaginable. Therefore, neither I nor this site is responsible if you, a friend or loved one, use cannabis, participate in an extreme sport, and receive the not-so-coveted Darwin Award.

With that disclaimer out of the way, let’s now look into five extreme sports and marijuana strains that may complement them. Again, there is no scientific evidence that these strains have a specific effect conducive to an improved extreme sports experience. Nonetheless, they may produce sensations that prove useful during your insistence on ignoring the laws of common sense.

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